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Business Analyst
Title:Business Analyst
Graycor Company:Graycor Services
Location:Chicago, IL (Downtown)
Job Function:General

As a Business Analyst at Graycor, you'll work directly with the Co-Chairman to support the organization on a variety of projects key to the success of the business. You will be exposed to a variety of strategic and tactical initiatives and you will work with both construction professionals and senior members of Graycor’s leadership team.


Assignments can be short in duration and well defined, or they can be longer in duration and require significant investigation and planning prior to implementation. Similarly, Analysts may work as part of a large cross functional team on certain projects, and they may also work independently or one-on-one with senior managers.


Ideal candidates for the program bring a broad background and enthusiasm for applying their skills to a broad range of business challenges. We expect Business Analysts to take on challenges which will stretch them beyond their traditional areas of knowledge and experience and have a significant impact on the development of the Graycor Companies.


Typical Projects and Assignments


Examples of project assignments include:

  • Working directly with the co-chairman in vetting/tracking potential real estate investments.
  • Vetting construction technology investments, maintaining a handle on the status of those investments and internal Graycor initiatives around them.
  • Performing research to generating various case studies/white papers on a variety of engineering and construction management topics [emerging construction technology (virtual design and construction, drones, robotics, artificial intelligence, etc.), sustainability, emerging markets, etc.]
  • Tracking and vetting potential acquisition candidates or strategic investment candidates for various business units.
  • Analyzing our current and future real estate (lease management, property disposition, corporate space planning, etc.) and interacting with brokers as needed.
  • Maintaining various Board of Directors files related to succession planning and new Board Member candidates.
  • Research various business initiatives based on strategic business planning sessions and develop case studies/white papers for senior leadership review and consideration.
  • Frequent travel between the downtown office and the local Oakbrook or Portage offices as well as regular short trips to our remote offices/projects across the country as needed.
  • Performing research and analysis to support business planning initiatives and key business decisions.
  • Maintaining Co-Chairman schedule of meetings and travel logistics.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Analysts will also receive ongoing coaching and mentoring, specialized training and professional skills development opportunities, exposure and interaction with Graycor senior leadership and management.


To Be Successful in this Position, You Will Need:


  • An undergraduate degree with a high GPA from a selective four-year university with a transcript offering evidence of strong performance in both quantitative and verbal areas of study.
  • Three to six years of post-undergraduate work experience relevant to the activities listed above; previous work experience in finance/investment banking/private equity required. Any construction related experience would be a plus.
  • Any diligence experience specifically with discounted cash flow analysis and some corporate transaction experience preferred.
  • Strong skills in writing reports, proposals, and white papers demonstrated ability to write precisely, effectively, and persuasively. Ability to speak and write clearly.
  • To be poised, pleasant, polished, and professional, and unintimidated if asked to visit a steel mill or reach out for a meeting with a senior level executive.
  • A can do/proactive attitude.
  • Ability to travel as needed and able to work between downtown and Oakbrook offices and potentially other offices/projects across the country.
  • Maturity and integrity – this person will see and hear many things that are confidential. Must be mature enough to be trusted with that information.
  • Ability to work with someone who is “always on.” This person needs to be excited enough about the exposure and opportunities this role affords.
  • Strong computer skills (MS Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, CRM Software, etc.)
  • A strong sense of urgency and a positive, proactive desire to support a broad range of initiatives and tasks.
  • Strong attention to detail, organization skills and the ability manage multiple, competing priorities.
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills with an analytical, metrics-driven approach to solutions.
  • The ability to interact professionally and effectively with managers, internal and external customers, suppliers, and executives.



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